Karaoke Ice


Karaoke Ice is an ice cream truck turned mobile karaoke unit

Karaoke Ice is an ice cream truck transformed into a mobile karaoke unit, customized with karaoke mics, disco ball, speakers, and driven by a squirrel cub with a penchant for cheap magic. The truck, or Lucci as she is known, is a tasty pop culture hybrid, one that brings three familiar expressions of "network culture"-ice cream trucks, datasets, and karaoke bars-to the festival streets of San Jose.

Commissioned for ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge, CADRE / SJSU, and the Montalvo Arts Center Sally and Don Lucas Artists Programs.

Designed and produced in collaboration with students and graduates of the San Jose State Cadre Laboratory for New Media.

Web Dev Team: John Bruneau, Bruce Gardner, Kristin O'Friel, Michael Weisert
Software Dev Team: John Bruneau, Kristin O'Friel, Corrie Tse, Michael Weisert
Build Team: Thomas Asmuth, Sarah Lowe, Owen Premore, Ben Ward
Music: Lem Jay Ignacio

For more information visit http://karaoke.sjsu.edu

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