Winter, 2009

One project a day for four days

4-in-4 Day 1: Seagulls
Flocks of birds are visually stunning, and I wanted to see how they might work as body ornamentation.

4-in-4 Day 2: Pattern, Form
I sketched out a number of patterns and liked the simple block design best. The plexi piece reminded me of work my friend Jesse Seeger has been doing where he scores plexiglass, softens it in an oven and then sculpts it. I’ve been wanting to try this, so I took my plexi piece home but was hesitant to put toxic material in my oven, so I decided to boil it in water instead - I’ll have try this last step another time, as the method did not yield the degree of distortion I was hoping for.

4-in-4 Day 3: Windows
For day 3 I created a set of literal/metaphorical window cards.

4-in-4 Day 4: 3D Printing
I’ve been wanting to experiment with surface finishes on 3D printed plaster, so today I modeled two simple forms and 3D printed them at a variety of scales. Each object has a pinhole through the center so I can assemble the successful pieces into earrings.

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Paper, Illustrator, Laser cutter, 3D printer